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Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 24103-A) was incorporated in Malaysia in 1975 as an importer and distributor of white edible birds nests. From humble beginnings, the Company has grown over the last 33 years to become a fully intergrated edible birds nests solutions specialists specializing in the manufacturing, packaging, marketing and exporting of swiftlet farming products and solutions to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia under the CRYSTAL SWIFTLETS trademark and brandname. The Honorary Chairman of the Company, The Right Honorable Cmdr. (Rtd.) Mr. Niranat Sae Onwaerin attribues the successes of the Company entirely due to its team of dedicated staff and as well as the Company's drive towards continuous research and development and improvement that makes the name of products that are designed and manufactured by the Company synonymous with quality and affordability. 

In 1996, the Company completed the development of the HKBS series of Audio Swiftlet Systems, a fully intergrated and completely automated proprietory swiftlet habitat audio control machine which is not only specifically attuned to the mating and nest-building needs of swiftlets but is also used as the main computerized building block for all the Company's subsequent products.

In 1999, the Company's overseas associate, PT Dagang Sempurna, completed the 5 year development of Miracle 3+1, a habitat acclimatization environment solution that improves the yields of edible birds nests in swiftlet farms by an average of 500%. Miracle 3+1 is currently awaiting patent protection in Thailand under patent number pp/25451/99.

In 2001, the Company's parent, Nok-Ean Raacha Pte., using the HKBS computerized building block completed the development of the Swiftlet Farm Hydro Delivery System, an automated machine that increases the yields of high grade nests within swiftlet farms by an average of 350%. The Swiflet Farm Hydro Delivery System is fully protected under patent number pp/1981/99.

The Company is also a major importer, distributor and exporter of natural crystals and crystal accessories under the trade name of Live ANDROMEDA Crystals. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the financial benefits of retailing Live ANDROMEDA Crystals in Malaysia. 


Honorary Chairman
(Nok-Ean Headquarters, Thailand)
7 member Management Committee comprising of representatives from Nok-Ean Raacha Pte., Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd. and PT Dagang Sempurna
Technical Director
(PT Dagang Sempurna, Indonesia)
Corporate Finance Director
(PT Dagang Sempurna, Indonesia)
Design and Habitation Director
(Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia)
Marketing Director
(Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia)
Engineering Director
(Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia)
Research and Development Director
(PT Dagang Sempurna, Indonesia)
Operations Director
(Nok-Ean Raacha Pte., Thailand)