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Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A)
*** Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (Model: CL-A) ***
Perfect Trading Sdn. Bhd. and CRYSTAL SWIFTLETS celebrated their 32nd anniversary of professionally serving the swiftlet farming industries and edible birds' nests processors, traders, distributors and retailers in the South East Asian region on 3rd October 2007.

As part of the celebrations to commemorate 32 years of continuous and ever-expanding operations, CRYSTAL SWIFTLETS launched the world's first Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A) in the month of October  2007.

The Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A) is the new generation in I/C Caller Systems incorporating all the new technological innovations and improvements over and above the traditional I/C Caller System's old-fashioned electronics architecture and sound file reading and accessing capabilities.
Quality OEM Amplifier AMP-2
Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System CL-A
Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System CL-A
Front View -
Song Selector Control
Left Side View -
Inlet for power supply
Right Side View -
Ventilation Vents
Back View -
3 pair inlets to support 3 amplifiers
The Green Button represtents the song selector control enabling the user to select one (1) of six (6) swiftlet mating sounds  in MP3 format that have been pre-downloaded into the Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A).

The diodtic light to the left of the song selector control is the power indicator.
The black inlet above is a standard 240-V 3-pin power supply connector that connects the power cord straight to the power source.

The advanced electronic architecture within the outer shell of the Swfitlet Call Leader Advantage System allows the system to save and conserve electricity. The outer shell is made of a fire-resistent non-conductive alloy material which protects the internal electronics from the heat and dirt within control room of the swiftlet farm.
The above three (3) white-red pair inlets allow the Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A) to connect to and control up to three (3) amplifiers. Below the three (3) white-red pair inlets is the USB connector inlet which allows the Swiftlet Call Advantage System (CL-A) to connect to any computer system so that the swiftlet mating sounds can be changed by the user.
There are 3 sets of ventilation vents located throughout the outer shell of the Swiftlet Call Advantage System (CL-A) that allows for the effective and efficient disbursement of the heat generated from within the system as well as the replacement of lthe lost air by fresh air from the outside of the system.

The system also has its own internal ventilation system to keep the electronics working properly and effectively.
The Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System (CL-A) was designed in accordance with the company's thorough and demanding specifications and manufactured and assembled in the the Crystal Swiftlets factory facility in Thailand and is sold throughout the country through the company's branch offices in Penang, Malaysia.

At a retail price of just RM$520.00, the Swiftlet Call Leader Advantage System is a durable, highly-compatible and easy-to-operate audio swiftlet system that will contribute to your farm's harvesting successes.

If you are interested, kindly contact our offices for further information.