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The Beginner's GUIDE to Swiftlet Farming Course
Date:                          21st April 2012 (Saturday)
(Classes traditionally fill up fast. CALL NOW TO REGISTER)
Venue:                      Conference Hall, Crystal Swiftlets,
                                    Wisma KHOO KAH CHIN, 1st Floor, No. 88 Siam                                            Road, 10400 George town. Penang. Malaysia

Course Duration:   10am to 6pm

Course Fees:           RM$450.00
                                   (inclusive of lunch and afternoon tea)
Course Benefits: Students will be provided with the following:
                                   1. Introduction to Swiftlet Farming in Malaysia                                                Manual together with Swiftlet Mating Sound CD                                          worth RM$280.00 
                                   2. RM$300 worth of vouchers to purchase CS audio                                          swiftlet system products
                                   3. 30% discount voucher for future courses
                                   4. 30% discount voucher for on-site swiftlet farm                                              consultation services (non-transferable)
A Certificate of Attendance will be given to each participant at the end of the Course
Some Comments from Participants

I truly enjoyed attending your course. Not only was the presenter helpful and willing to share swiftlet farming ideas with us, I also had the opportunity to network with the attending participants and made quite a few good friends along the way. - Tan Weng Kiang, 2005, Sg. Petani

I like the way the you all screen your participants so that only beginners get the chance to attend and participate. There were so many smart-alecs in other courses run by other people, that make us beginners feel left out until I came to yours. - Marvin Lim, 2007, Port Dickson

Making the trip by flight was worth it. If you all had not taught me the difference in white nests swiftlets and black nests swiftlets, I would have spent a bomb building my farm in the wrong location. Thank again. - Ayana Janeiro, 2006, Cebu, Phillipines
Some Comments from Participants (con't)

Not only you give me good understanding of swiftlet farming in course, but when I tried testing the CD you had given to me on my land, more than 50 A. Fuchiphagus came down from sky to play with my tweeters. Really amazing. I would like to make appointment with you to help me build my farm. Thanks so much. - Datuk Razali Karrim, 2001, Parit Buntar

This course is a real value for money. Not only is the presenter professional and experienced, the staff are really knowledgeable and friendly and the participants seem comfortable with each other. Somehow I feel at ease here compared to all the other courses that I have attended. The crowd is also purposely kept small for our benefit. Apart from the book publication, we also received a CD and a surprise that is worth more that the fees that we paid. Please put me on the list for your next course. - Patric Dass, 2002, Kulai

Sebelum saya datang ke khusus, beberapa konsultant hampir membuat rumah burung untuk saya. Sekarang saya sudah tau untuk tanya soalan-soalan yang penting pada mereka sebelum wang simpanan saya di beri dengan begitu sahaja kepada mereka. Terima kasih beribu kali. Tuan Haji Mohamed Ramli, 2003, Sungai Bakap  

The 15 factors of swiftlet farming and the 10 rules for engaging swiftlet farming consultants are an eye opener. So rational and understandable, and also helps protect us from making wrong desicions with regards to our swiftlet farm. I'm going to send my daughter and son to your course when they get back from their studies so that we can enter the swiftlet farming industry fulltime as a family. - Eko Anthony, 1999, Rawang

It's no surprise that your company has been in business for more than 30 years. Not only was the course informative, but your employees are professional, helpful and friendly at the same time.I'm definitely going to come for your next course. - Hassan Nagndimin, 2005, Palembang, Indonesia

Your company is such a breath of freash air. I came for your course in July 2004 to help understand swiftlet farming and engaged your consultation to help build my swiftlet farm for me. I'm now yielding a harvest of 1kg per month and my swiftlet population is still growing. Who knows how much I would have lost in terms of time and money if I hadn't met you guys. - Tan, 2004, Perak

When you teach us about licensing, you have lawyers on hand. When you teach about building plans, you have architects. Your engineers even explained to me the technical methodology of your products during the Beginner's Guide to Swiftlet farming Course. I can safely say that out of all the so-called swiftlet professionals that I have met, your Company is truly the most professional. With what I have learnt during yesterday afternoon, I can now have a proper and informed discussion with any swiftlet professional who try to convince me without the necessary facts. Thank you. - Kee Suat Seng, 2007, Nibong Tebal

I truly like your course. You all speak English, teach by listing facts and methodology, are approachable enogh for us beginners to ask questions, no matter how silly it may sound. I'm now quite comfortable in investing in a swiftlet farm thanks to yor course. - Dr. Paramjit Sidhu, 2006, Rompin

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your colleagues for conducting the swiftlet farming course. You have generously shared with us all the techniques and key principles based on your vast experiences in swiftlet farming, which can’t learn from other sources. As well, the professionalism in conducting the class and the patient in responding questions.
I really appreciated the time that  spent together with us, the extra miles, the warm welcome and the great treatment from you and your colleagues. I certainly learned a lot about the swiftlets, the design, equipments, operating and maintaining techniques and etc. - Cheong H.Y., 2007, Kuala Lumpur

Eventhough the class was supposed to end at 3.00pm, I realized that my fellow students still did not want to leave (could not?) due to the interesting and engaging nature of your talk. And eventhough most of us stayed until 6pm plus, your presenter was humble and kind enough to assist us in helping us to answer the many many more questions that occured to us as we went through the course. Top marks to your presenter. Your fees are many many times below what you should be charging. - Angelina Sihombing, 2002, Muarakarang, Indonesia

If I had attended your course first, then I would not have had to pay the many thousands to attend swiftlet farm courses that are geared towards product pushing. I can't believe that your company even didn't allow me to buy the products that I had mistakenly thought were useful to me. Honesty always score points with me, and your company scored really high. I'm going to be back to engage you all once I have secured my land. - R. Muthusamy, 2006, Kedah
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