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eBook: The Complete Introductory Guide to Swiftlet Farming
Written by two (2) of the swiftlet farming industry's most dedicated practitioners, The Complete Introductory Guide to Swiftlet Farming contains all the information you need in order to start you on your way to becoming a successful swiftlet farmer.

The Complete Introductory Guide to Swiftlet Farming contains detailed information on the following important topics:

The historical and contemporary forces that give edible birds' nests their high value;

The structure of the swiftlet farming industry spanning the ASEAN region;
The physical characteristics, habitat as well as the breeding cycles of swiftlets;

How to visually differentiate between edible nests swiftlets and grass nests swiftlets;

Techniques to harvest edible birds' nests;

The pharmaceutical and health benefits contained in edible birds' nests;

The analysis of the future direction of the prices of edible birds' nests as well as the prices of swiftlet farms;

The types of swiftlet farms around;

How to construct a swiftlet farm;

Ways to attract flying edible nests swiftlets into swiftlet farms;

The regulatory environment and licensing requirements for establishing a swiftlet farm;

What to look for when you are engaging a swiftlet farming consultant to help you establish your swiftlet farm;




Also, more than 70 detailed photos of swiftlets, swiftlet farms, edible birds' nests and swiftlet farming products that are contained in this book to help you visualize the mechanisms involved in swiftlet farming.

That's all. The Complete Introductory Guide to SWIFTLET FARMING costs just USD$19.95. The contents of this eBook  - containing:

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"The Complete Introductory Guide to SWIFTLET FARMING"
Crystal Swiftlets

More than 12000 copies sold as at 31st December 2009.
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